Let me make it for you..

You really can tell the difference when food is made with love. The joy I find in cooking enables me to infuse every dish with high vibration so you feel nourished, nurtured and truly satisfied. As a nutritionist and food lover, I ensure that every mouthful is not only delicious, but is every bit as good for you, as your body well deserves. Wherever possible I source seasonal, local, organic produce. Creative recipe development sprouts from my curious and playful nature in the kitchen, and is combined with nutritional functionality, energy work, yoga, clean eating with an environmental conscious. 

I thrive on using my skills to cater specifically for your special event or retreat.



Catering by Ali Dear is well suited to yoga, health and spiritual retreats. Menus are designed to reflect the intention of the retreat, it’s attendees and leaders. Delicious, easily digested, nourishing meals allow for optimal healing and complete nutritional integration.



Couple your event with vegan, vegetarian or raw food that not only nourishes your guests, but also supports the intention and mood of your event...  Food is created mindfully to ensure that your event has a unique health and nutritional element to it.

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The options are endless here! I have worked with many companies, gyms, studios, schools and individuals to provide interactive, fun and educational workshops or seminars - I have even run 10 day cleanse and 30 day challenges for them!  Here are just a few ideas: inspire your clients by pH testing and discussion alkalinity and your health, learn how to make your own fermented foods to replenish good digestive health, or discover the best nutrition protocols for pre, post and during sporting events. Let me build a session to suit your objectives.